Simvite A

Simvite A

Oral Liquid
Water Miscible Vitamin A Supplement


500 ml, 1 L


Each 1 ml contains:
Vitamin A 100,000 IU

(As Vitamin A Palmitate)


Vitamin A is an essential vitamin required by the birds. Poultry birds are very rapidly affected by Vitamin A (retinol) deficiency, which will seriously affect growth rate, feed utilization, development of bone, movements, vision, reproduction, resistance against diseases and mortality.

Vitamin A requirements are higher under stressful conditions.


Prevents the deficiency diseases by Vitamin A

  • • Relieves stress conditions effectively
  • • Better growth and production performance
  • • Strong body resistance against infections
  • • excellent egg quality and hatchability


For 100 birds through drinking water

Chicks : 2 ml/ day
Broiler : 5 ml/ day
Layer : 5-10 ml / day
Or as directed by the Nutritionist