Simvite H

Simvite H

Water Soluble Powder
Biotin (Vitamin H)


250 gm, 1 Kg


Each 50 gm contains:
Biotin (Vitamin H) 20 mg
Water Soluble Carrier QS


Simvite-H is a water soluble Biotin nutritional supplement to enhance the overall performance of the birds through nutrient metabolism and maintaining the sound health status of the animals.


  • • Prevents diseases caused by Biotin deficiency
  • • Prevents dermatitis of foot pad and skin around beak and eyes
  • • Enhances better feathering
  • • To enhance metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein
  • • Better growth and production performance
  • • Excellent egg quality and hatchability


Through Feed :

Chicks, Broilers : 500 g / ton of feed
Breeders during lay : 500 g / ton of feed
Grower and Layer : 400 g / ton of feed
OR As directed by the Nutritionist

Through Water : 1 gm / 2 Liter of drinking water