SUPEROX (Peracetic Acid / Hydrogen Peroxide / Acetic Acid)


Water Sanitizer


5 L, 15 L, 35 L


SUPEROX is a blend of Peracetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acetic Acid and surfactant in a stabilized aqueous solution.


Water can be referred to as the forgotten nutrient in poultry. The quality of water has serious bearing on the productivity and health of poultry birds. Water should be free of pathogenic microorganisms and toxic levels of minerals and chemicals.

There is a direct relationship between feed and water consumption. Broilers consume approximately 1.6 to 2.0 times as much water on a weight basis as feed.

Improved water quality increases water and feed intake thereby improving the overall performance.

Mode of Action

Peracetic acid present in Superox when comes in contact with micro-organisms, disrupts the function of the cell membrane and causes rupturing of the cell wall. It oxidizes the Sulphur bonds in proteins, enzymes and other metabolites, leading to sporicidal activity.


A powerful broadspectrum Water Sanitizer providing most effective treatment for drinking water and drinking water systems, helps the farmers to improve the quality of poultry drinking water.


  • • ovidSafe & most powerful sanitizer at reasonable cost.
  • • Pres broad spectrum biocidal activity & is effective in presence of bacteria, fungi, virus & spores.
  • • Unique combination of chemical germicides.
  • • Effective in presence of organic matter and at low temperature.
  • • Completely biodegradable and decomposes to water oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • • Continuous use results in a tremendous & drastic decline in medication cost.
  • • Important part of total farm BIOSECURITY

Dosage :

General sanitization or prevention         5 - 10 ml. in 100 Lit of drinking water
In acute cases                                         15 - 20 ml. in 100 Lit of drinking water
In severe cases                                       40 - 50 ml. in 100 Lit of drinking water for 2-3 days